Eat To Live

What do you get when you combine an endorsement from the famed Dr. Oz with the promise of losing 20 pounds in two to three weeks? You get the popular "Eat To Live" diet. Now in its second revision, the Eat To Live book spells out the road to better health and a slimmer waist-line.

The Eat To Live diet is the brain child of Dr. Joel Fuhrman. Dr. Fuhrman's basic premise is that our food choices are causing poor health and by changing our selection of foods we can improve our health without feeling like we're dieting. The primary focus of the diet is to maximize nutrients while minimizing calories. Sounds simple, right?

The book Eat To Live offers a vegetarian diet that promises substantial weight loss in six weeks. For those of us who can't totally give up meat, there is a more moderate plan that accomplishes the same goals over a longer time. Sticking with the list of approved foods eliminates the need to count calories. Simply put, you can't eat enough of these foods in a day to exceed your calorie maximum.

The Eat To Live diet stresses raw vegetables. In fact, the humble salad is featured as an entrĂ©e.  Other veggies are served steamed. Between the raw and steamed vegetables, Dr. Fuhrman recommends eating a pound of each every day. Additionally, you should eat four servings of fruit each day and a tablespoon of ground flax seed.

Processed carbs are not on this diet. That means no bread, pasta, white rice, sugar or fruit juices.  Don't even think about having a donut. Starchy vegetables (potatoes or corn for example) are limited to one cup a day. You can also have one oounce of raw nuts and two ounces of avocados a day.

The Eat To Live diet is exhaustively described in his book but you can also purchase a DVD with healthy cooking tips, an on-line community and even an iPhone/iPad application. The book plus DVD and on-line membership runs $30 for three months.

Will this program work for you? Certainly eating a vegetarian diet can help you lose a lot of weight quickly. A lot of us can't see living life without beef, though. That can be a deal breaker. A life of salads may not be worth living.

Some people won't tolerate the massive ingestion of raw vegetables, especially those with inflammatory bowel disease. But if you can see yourself eating this meal plan on a long-term basis, the Eat To Live diet does allow you to eat all you want, so there's no feeling of starvation and the weight will drop away, reinforcing your resolve.

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