The Miranda Kerr Diet

Miranda Kerr is a wildly successful Victoria's Secret model.  This year she was chosen to model the $2.5 million diamond studded bra for the VS fashion show. Keeping her eye-popping figure is critical to her career, so when she speaks about diet and exercise, people listen.  Here are a few of her secrets.

Miranda is a fan of Dr. D'Adamo's Blood Type Diet. That diet tailors an eating plan to each blood type (they are A, B, AB and O) to match food with physiology. Since Miranda has type A blood, Dr. D'Amato recommends a vegetarian diet rich with whole and organic foods. She says that most of her diet is made up of low-GI and high-alkaline foods, with lots of purified water.

Since Miranda rarely eats red meat, she struggles to avoid anemia. Some vegetables contain iron, but they are not as readily absorbed as iron found in meat. That makes it even more important to ensure adequate levels of vitamin D (which enables iron absorption) and lots of iron-rich veggies.

To further augment her diet, Miranda Kerr takes coconut oil, goji berry powder, chia seeds, maca powder, bee pollen and noni juice. She drinks a lot of green tea, many times with a bit of ginger added. Every meal and break includes a glass of water, again with ginger or a squirt of lemon.

Breakfast is typically yogurt, muesli or an egg white scramble and fruits, she says. Her lunch is normally a salad with a bit of chicken or fish for protein. Most days include an afternoon snack of organic fruit or nuts. Dinner is her major meal, with lots of veggies, maybe a salmon steak and dessert of fruit.

Besides eating a laser-focused diet, Miranda spends some time in the gym every day. She starts with stretching and breathing exercises to get focused and warmed up. Interval training fills the next hour, with a series of high-intensity exercises that target every muscle group in her body in rotation. There are alternate days of weight training and jogging to build muscle tone and cardiovascular endurance. Given Miranda's day job, special attention is paid to toning the calves, thighs and abs.

Miranda Kerr delivered her first child just a few months before the Victoria's Secret fashion show. She credits her diet and exercise habits for allowing her to drop her baby weight so quickly. Based on her reception at the show, it all seems to be working.

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