The Alessandra Ambrosio Diet

Alessandra Ambrosio is a Brazilian supermodel, best known for her work with Victoria's Secret. Recently, she has been getting a lot of press for her quirky take on dieting. Given the results, there may just be something to her approach!

Alessandra spends most of her calories on protein. She does not believe in starving herself and has even been seen eating (gasp) an ice cream cone. It is worth noting that Alessandra was a overweight (her words) as a child and only recently slimmed down to her current supermodel physique. Even giving birth to her first child, daughter Anja Luise, did not destroy her bikini-ready curves.

There is no published diet guideline for Alessandra's eating plan. A fan of eggs, she typically starts every day with a scramble and a bagel. And that bagel is slathered in butter! Violating nearly every diet book written, Alessandra says that she many times skips breakfast if she is pressed for time.

For lunch, Alessandra eats very lightly. She says that a quick snack of fruit or a protein bar is enough. Again, if rushed she will skip lunch, too. If she is not working, she enjoys a casual lunch of sushi or a salad.

Alessandra rarely eats dinner at home, preferring Japanese, Thai, Brazilian or Korean restaurants. She is not afraid of eating red meat and allows herself to sample anything that sounds interesting. Her only real "no-no" is carbonated beverages, and that is more of a taste preference than a dietary restriction.

Surprisingly, Alessandra does not have a gym membership. Instead, she keeps her 5' 10" frame strong and toned by running on the beach, rollerblading, swimming and volleyball.  She says that anything outdoors is good for her body and benefits her soul.

Will following the Alessandra Ambrosio diet reshape you into a supermodel? That is more a matter of some great Brazilian genetics than diet, unfortunately. But her focus on eating proteins over carbs and plenty of outdoor exercise certainly won't hurt, either. Grab yourself a diet buddy and give it a try!

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