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Hi, my name is Tamara and I’m a chronic dieter who loves to eat!  I’m always hungry and need variety in my diet.  I’m sorry, “Eat  lean meats and vegetables ONLY” never worked for me.  I need salty snacks and sweet desserts.  Regardless of whatever diet I’m on (today its Weight Watchers) one thing has always been a problem – finding a variety of foods within my diet restrictions that TASTE GOOD.

Sure, today there are many more products and even sections in the grocery store dedicated to food lifestyles such as gluten free, organic and diet foods.  But let’s face it, 70% of the foods in those sections taste like cardboard!  So I started making lists of food I was allowed to eat that tasted good.  Over time, I developed one list for low carb, one for low calorie, one for low fat + high fiber, etc.  The lists were compiled based on products I tried and recommendations from my friends who shared similar interests.

That led to the creation of Tastamonials (pronounced Taste-a-monials).  Tastamonials is a website where people can:

  • Discover a wide variety of foods that taste good on any lifestyle.
  • Rate foods that you've tried. 
  • Review foods – we want to know if you hate or love it and why?
  • Submit and share foods with others that you've discovered along your journey.

And the site isn’t just for people on a diet.  Whether someone is gluten free because of Celiac Disease or Vegan because they support the ethical treatment of animals, Tastamonials is a fun and useful resource for all.  Check us out on and discover, rate and review diet foods galore!

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