The No Sugar Diet

Once in a while, a diet comes along that is so clear and straight forward that it begs investigation. That is the case for Dr. Gott's new No Flour, No Sugar Diet. His diet is based on, get this, eating no sugar and no flour. Yes, that's it. By avoiding these two basic ingredients Dr. Gott believes that weight loss will be a natural outcome.

The No Sugar Diet (I guess that flour didn’t have a very good publicist) involves reading a lot of ingredient labels. Dr. Gott considers flour and sugar to be "empty calories." That means that they deliver calories devoid of other nutritional benefit.

Dr. Peter Gott
The doctor is especially concerned about eating processed sugar. He points to the rapid digestion of sugar and the spike in insulin production that it causes. He believes that this strains the pancreas (where insulin is secreted) and can damage your immune system. He also references medical studies that tie processed sugar to cancer and diminished learning in your children.

Of interest to our post-elementary school readers, Dr. Gott also points out that processed sugar also affects our ageing. The theory is that the sugar molecule connects with the collagen our our skin, leading to wrinkles and sagging.

Following the No Sugar Diet isn't difficult, especially if you can read the tiny print used in ingredient labels. Meat, dairy, fruits, vegetables, nuts and brown rice are all fair game. The naughty list includes sugar, flour, most sodas, honey, alcohol, fruit juices, molasses, raisins, pineapples, beets (the source of much of our processed sugar) and cereals.

The diet is much easier for those of us who prepare most of our own meals from scratch. A plate of meat, potatoes and veggie can easily be prepared without sugar or flour. The diet gets a lot harder when you eat out or use prepared foods. High fructose corn syrup (on the naughty list) is in an amazing variety of products. Flour is found in nearly all prepared soups. So, set aside some extra time for grocery shopping for the first few weeks of the diet.

Once your new eating plan is in place, Dr. Gott predicts a slow but steady weight loss. Without the empty calories from sugar and flour, it is easy to see two pounds a week melt away. This is a safe and sane approach to weight loss in the eyes of the government, too. This is also a diet that you can follow for a lifetime. That avoids the rebound effect that plagues many diets, where the dieter regains all the lost weight once their draconian diet over.

Can you live without sugar or flour? Dr. Gott tells us that this is exactly the path to better health!

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  1. I find this no-sugar diet pretty interesting but I don't think it's gonna work for me. I opt for coolsculpting to remove my love handles and muffin top.