Dr. Oz Shames 6 Extreme Diets

Dr. Oz is no stranger to diet recommendations. Many of the diets that are featured on his TV show are pretty extreme. Some of them are the answer to everyone’s prayers one week and the worst idea in the world the next. So it shouldn't be too surprising to see that Dr. Oz has selected six diets so extreme that they deserve a special level of shame. Ready? Here they are.

Topping the list is the Elimination Diet. Made famous by Gwyneth Paltrow, this diet gets its name from its strategy: eliminate everything. Well, just about everything. Forget about sugar, dairy, wheat, shellfish, corn, potatoes or even (gasp) coffee. You probably would lose weight on this diet, but you wouldn't enjoy life much.

A surprising number two on the Extreme Diet list is the Atkins Diet. This mainstay of the diet world restricts carbohydrates to the extreme, but allows protein intake without limit. This is a real meat-lover’s dream, but doctors predict a visit to the cholesterol clinic once the diet is over.

Number three is the Master Cleanse Diet. This extreme diet limits you to a nasty liquid concoction of lemon juice, maple syrup and hot pepper. You will lose weight, along with the will to live. This one deserves Dr. Oz’s shaming.

The Raw Diet comes in at number four. As you might guess, the Raw Diet makes you stick to raw (and unprocessed) foods. No steak tartar for you, though. This diet is strictly about the fruits and vegetables. Think of it as giving your stove some time off.

Made famous by Steve Jobs, extreme diet number five is the Fruitarian Diet. In preparing for his movie role as Steve Jobs, Aston Kutcher adopted the Fruitarian Diet. Then he was hospitalized for pancreatitis. This might not happen to you, but why run the risk?

Bringing up the rear of Dr. Oz’s shameful list of Extreme Diets is Elizabeth Taylor’s diet. This diet strains credulity, with odd food pairings like steak and peanut butter. Combining dangerous levels of saturated fat with a shockingly low calorie intake, this diet spells trouble.

Have you tried any of these diets? Maybe you should pick out a safer, more effective diet and try again? Better luck next time!

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