Feel Younger and More Energetic in 7 Days

Dr. Oz is getting older, but aren't we all? Thankfully, he has come up with a few easy strategies  to counteract aging and get the energy and vitality of youth. Are you ready to rev up your life in only seven days?

The first step in Dr. Oz's 7-day plan is to clean out the digestive system. He suggests starting each day with a prebiotic smoothie. This will jump-start your metabolism and help get those healthy probiotics moving along in your digestive tract. Be creative; think blueberries, pomegranates, maybe even some mangoes. Make that blender earn its keep!

Vitamin C is wonderful: it boosts your immune system while it reduces stress and sharpens your mind. A little citrus goes a long way, but why not enjoy a squeeze of lemon in your mid-morning water bottle? Maybe some lime juice on your salad?

Another key nutrient is magnesium. It is important for respiratory health, which boosts your energy and alertness. Flax seeds are an easy way to make sure you get enough magnesium. Try flax seeds as a  boost to your smoothie or maybe a sprinkle in your yogurt.

Don't forget your greens! Dr. Oz recommends the lowly dandelion for promoting liver health. Don't mow your lawn, harvest it!

My favorite recommendation in Dr. Oz's 7-day plan? He suggests a weekly serving of red meat. Boom! Red meat provides easily absorbed iron, which is critical to avoiding anemia. That steak might be the quickest path to boosting your energy, so get it on the BBQ.

To look fabulous inside and out, Dr. Oz suggests including two tablespoons of coconut oil every day. Just add it to your food where you would use olive oil. Have some left over? Rub it on those pesky dry spots on your elbows.

Get ready for a great night's sleep with a warm bath with Epsom salts. Your mind will clear, your body will relax, and your tissues will absorb magnesium, critical for fighting heart disease and chronic fatigue. The only decision? Selecting the right music to play during your "me time".

So are you ready to regain the energy and enthusiasm of youth? Check out these tips and let us know how they work for you!

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